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Destiny Beyond Limits

/CD - Destiny BL
25.00 AUD each
Weight: 20 g


74:44 minutes
Unlock your Destiny or Passion by unlocking your true self which has been suppressed at an unconscious level.


save 10 nlpWhat is your life purpose, what is your current destiny? Unlock them using this thought provoking and revealing CD. Passions and Destinal paths are usually suppressed and this CD is designed to take you on a magical journey of discovery to uncover your passions and release your destiny from the cage in your unconscious mind. Destiny Beyond Limits is designed to help you to remove the suppressive and self-sabotaging thinking that hinders you from realising your true purpose and the passion that lays beneath it.

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Life Coach Training

There is nothing more rewarding (in our view) than learning how to change your thinking in such a powerful and lasting way that you can you can now help others to do it too. We'll teach you how to help other people change their lives, transform their business and reinvigorate their relationships. Consider a career as a Life Coach. We'll even show you have you can do it part time and create an income of around $50,000 per annum. Click here for more information on our Life Coach Training Program.

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Enough is Enough - Time to Take Off?

If you've tried almost everything to get you to the heights that you know deep inside you're destined for, then take serious action. It is proven time and time again that people who take action and invest in themselves are the very same people the world looks up to. It's time for Career and Life Mastery or would you like to procrastinate some more...