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3 Reasons why we believe we provide the best Life Coach Training in Australia

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Life Beyond Limits Coach Training is unique for three special reasons.The first reason is that you will be learning from a Life Coach that has over 10,000 practical coaching hours, and he also built a large six-figure coaching practice in his first year. He is the author of 4 highly quoted best-selling books including "The Life Coach Millionaires" that all coaches would benefit by reading. He will teach you how to become a great Life Coach and how to become a successful business person as well.

The second reason you will love learning how to Life Coach with us because you will learn Life Coaching AND Neuro Linguistic Programming in one power-packed, complete course. This training is like no other! You will receive not one, but three accredited certificates;

  1. Life Coaching Certificate;
  2. Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner Certificate; and
  3. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certificate.

Please Note: If you do not train with a nationally accredited training company, you will not get coaching insurance. Life Beyond Limits is an accredited trainer.

While the Life Coaching certificate gives you all the tools you need so that you can now coach, the NLP will transform you and give you the best transformational tools available today to help to transform your clients.

The third reason is that our training is complete. You will learn the best Life Coach training tools available today. 70 percent of coaches fail in their first year of business and frankly, that's terrible news. Over ten years ago, we made a promise that we would not just train Life Coaches to be great coaches, we train Life Coaches to become great business people too. As a result, you will learn so much more than other life coach training companies are willing to share, for example: -

OUR BONUS! Things that you will learn that is unique to Life Beyond Limits Life Coachlife beyond limits life coach training program nlp and life coaching Training Program

    1. What to charge and how to charge for your services?
    2. How to position yourself in a niche that leads clients to you?
    3. What is the current, most cost-effective and best lead generation system that you can use to grow your client base?
    4. How to set up an administrative system that saves you hundreds of hours of office work?
    5. Where to position yourself geographically for both economy and scalability?
    6. How to reduce your costs and increase your margins?
    7. How you can easily write your first (or next) book to attract clients?
    8. How to pay for all your Life Coach Training in your first month?!

     We will have you Life Coaching at 'Phase 3' - the day after attending our 'Live Training!'

    While our Life Coach Certificate program runs for over 12 months, you will be able to practice as a Life Coach after completing the 'Live Intensive Training!' So life beyond limits life coach training programthat means, once you have completed listening to the 'Pre-Training' Audios and completed the 'Life Coach/NLP Live Training,' you will know how to actually Life Coach a client to success. In fact, by the time you have completed the live training, you will already have done so about 6 times. It's our "5 Steps to Life Coaching Mastery" that helps us to generate Australia's best Life Coaches.

    Then over the next 12 months, you will continue to practice your Life Coaching and we will continue to refine your skills, PLUS teach you the business and the vital 'setting up a practice' skills to ensure that you not only do it well, but do well doing it.

    How to find out more or to get started?

    In summary here is the process: -

    1. Register your interest by clicking here and complete our enquiry form and we'll have our Director of Coaching and Training give you a personal call to answer all of your questions or call us on 03 8669 1121.
    2. After enrolling, you will then be given your Life Beyond Limits Life Coaching PreTraining Audio Pack
    3. You will then attend our live Life Coach Live Intensive Training
    4. Start your Life Coaching Practice (if you want to)
    5. Then you will then Practice what you learned and grow your skills
    6. Continue your Life Coach and Business Training to refine your skills and remove any limitations to success

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    Here is the Process in Detail: -

    After registering for our next student intake, you receive our Life Beyond Limits Life Coaching PreTraining Pack that includes 12 audio programs or CDs that you can listen to and start learning some really cool stuff; how your brain works, how the neural pathways in your mind begin and how to change your thinking completely right down to the details of setting up your coaching business.

    Then, you attend live trainings with our Director of Training and Coaching, Rik Schnabel. He's been coaching and training now for over 10 years and created a six-figure coaching practice in his first year! With over 8,000 hours of coaching, 9,000 hours of training and years of business experience, you'll be learning from our best. He's Australia's #1 Brain UnTrainer and author of "The Secrets to Creating a Life Beyond Limits." You'll be in good hands.

    To help you along your path, you'll also enjoy and learn from real life coaching, where you coach and are coached so when you start coaching in your practice, you've had loads and loads and loads of practice. Not only that, you will join our community of coaches where you will get Life Coaching for the rest of your life - or for as long as you want it.

    There are the slow coaching models and there are the accelerated coaching models. I don't know about you, but if I've got a slow road or a fast road to get there, I'd prefer the fast road wouldn't you; our students do too. So we will also teach you Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)? This is an opportunity to learn the science of NLP AND Coaching in one power-packed course!

    This Life Coach Training is Accredited through the ABNLP

    abnlp accredited trainerWhile today to coach you don't need a certificate, we believe the industry could benefit through regulation and we believe that one day it will be. That means anyone that builds their Life Coaching career off the back of non-accredited training will no longer be able to coach. So rest assured with us. Your certificates are Internationally recognised and Nationally Certified and backed by The Australian Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP). We train students right up to Trainers level and in the first level training you'll graduate with three certificates: - 

    1. Life Coaching Certificate - Level I
    2. NLP Practitioner Certificate - Level I
    3. Ericksonian Hypnotherapy Certificate - Level I


    Your first 20 clients will pay for your Training...

    At the end of our Level I training, you will have all the skills you need to start coaching. The skills you will learn will place you around the $150 to $175 per hour mark. After completing our Level I training, your first 20 coaching sessions will pay for it. In fact you can pay as little as $278 per month with a $300 deposit and start getting the benefits of the training now and pay it off over 12 months.

    Would you like to have a chat with us?

    So if you want to get started right away and receive your Life Beyond Limits Life Coaching PreTraining Pack - you can enrol today (below) or click here and Rik Schnabel will call you as soon as he can. Alternately, call us today on +613 8669 1121.

    Our 100% Zero Risk 30-Day Guaranteegold-guarantee-seal

    If you are seriously going to give this Training program your very best effort here's our Guarantee to you. We will Guarantee a generous 30 days without risk to decide whether or not Life Coaching is for you. And if your not convinced that this program is going to make you back at least 10 times the return of your initial investment, all you have to do is send Life Beyond Limits an email that says cancel and we will give you back your money as a full refund no questions asked.