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nlp and phobiasA phobia is a very tightly wound neural network. It is an intense irrational fear. It illustrates the power of negative anchors. This process called the "Fast Phobia" technique uses the perceptual positions and avoids direct association with what may cause the reaction in the person.

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Learn NLP to remove Phobias - or perhaps gain some face to face or phone coaching?

The Fast Phobia NLP Technique


Establish a resource anchor for safety. This can be used if the person gets too associated


Set the frame

In a moment I’ll guide you through a process so that your phobia won’t bother you at all, from now, ever again. You’ll be able to do the things quickly I suggest in your head, and simply nod when you’ve done them. Is that all right?

Acknowledge the client’s ability to learn quickly

Did you know that a phobia is often the result of a one-time leaning which means that you can learn very quickly.

Identify their strategy for having a phobia and the trigger to the reaction

I want you to imagine yourself sitting in the middle of a cinema looking at the screen. You can see a black and white snapshot of yourself in a situation just before you had that phobic response.

Get them to a place of double dissociation

Now float out of your body and imagine that you’re in the projection room from where you can watch yourself, watching yourself.


Now turn the image you had into a black and white movie and watch it for the last time on the screen from the beginning to just past the end of that disagreeable experience.   When you get there, freeze the movie and jump inside the picture.

Scrambles their pattern

Now run the movie backwards in black and white so that everything happens in reverse with you featuring in it. People will be walking backwards and everything is happening in reverse.


Freeze frame when you reach the end of the phobia, now. Black out the screen. Now think about what you used to fear. Notice that the feelings have gone.

Test & future pace

So, now that you no longer have that phobia, think of a time in the future where you would have chosen to react to that phobia in the past. Notice how the feelings are gone now.

Check ecology

What are you going to choose to happen now instead of that old behaviour

Learn NLP to remove Phobias - or perhaps gain some face to face or phone coaching?