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byron silver statue copy 2People value different things because they think in different habits. They think in different ways because their brains are different. Accordingly, it is important to manage and communicate with people in different ways so that you are speaking 'their' language. Remember, choosing to adopt the belief that 'Communication is the response you get,' understanding and communicating within other people's model of the world allows for the best result.

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Powerfully Shift Your State in an Instant!

empowered stateIn the context of behavioral change work, anchoring refers to 'a stimulus which triggers a specific physiological or emotional state or behavior'. It gives us the ability to access desired feelings at lightning speed which we can utilise to help us achieve the outcomes we desire.

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nlp and phobiasA phobia is a very tightly wound neural network. It is an intense irrational fear. It illustrates the power of negative anchors. This process called the "Fast Phobia" technique uses the perceptual positions and avoids direct association with what may cause the reaction in the person.

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Learn NLP to remove Phobias - or perhaps gain some face to face or phone coaching?

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