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cd - lb insomnia cdThis page is designed to help you by answering the most popular questions relating to hypnosis and in particular the benefits of the Life Beyond Limits CD's. Our range of CD's provide you with

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istock 000004802924largeIn our lives, we experience significant emotional events of which we make decisions to become sad, angry, blameful, guilty or even fearful as a result of them. Yeah, yeah; I can hear you saying I didn't decide to be sad or angry or to have blame, guilt or fear! Yes you did. The moment you can't or won't deal with an issue is the time that negative emotions result and they don't go away, they're stored in our body and our mind and if you have too many of these, this is where people get stuck in life.

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3. purkinje neuronsThe "Reticular Activating System" or RAS, is the name given to part of the brain (the Reticular Formation and its connections) believed to be the center of arousal and motivation in animals (including humans). It is situated at the core of the brain stem between the myelencephalon (medulla) and metencephalon (midbrain).

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