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3. purkinje neurons

We are not born with values, so how do we develop our values? There are 3 periods during which values are developed as we grow. Sociologist Morris Massey has described three major periods during which values are developed.

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I would prefer meditation to hypnosis. No one is going to control me. I am quite content doing my meditation using visualisation techniques and positive affirmations to achieve my goals. Ignorance keeps the masses hypnotised! It's these types of statements that

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accumulating thoughts-2b2

Beliefs are generalisations about how the world is. Your beliefs are so powerful that they do in fact determine your life! They are the presuppositions that we have about the way the world is that either create or deny us personal power. In effect, they are our on/off switch for our ability to do anything in the world. It is important to understand our beliefs as they explain why we choose to do what we do.

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