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nlp - career and life mastery level ii revised

You've completed Practitioner Training and you're now ready for the next powerful piece. This next level is designed to teach you some lightening fast ways to shift beliefs and grow your values and self-esteem. This training is for anyone that is serious about Coaching, Management, Leadership and creating a powerful productive life. By the time you complete this Training you'll have learned to install a powerful mindset into your own neurology and you are now well on the way to creating a compelling future.

We have now designed this training so that you can powerfully install into your neurology the mindsetsabnlp accredited trainer you so admire and strive to become more alike. It is now possible to make massive shifts in your thinking using the powerful NLP sciences and therefore in your life, relationships, health and career.


Life Beyond Limits courses are nationally accredited and internationally recognized and provide you the tools to take back the control of your life. Learn how to evolve your beliefs, manage your emotional states and gain much higher levels of confidence as you build deep level rapport with those around you.

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NLP Master Practitioner Skills You Will Learn...

What you will learn in 8 days, most will never learn in a lifetime of living.

  1. Learn to change your Beliefs within 30 seconds
  2. Discover more about anyone than they know about themselves inside of 3 minutes
  3. Master the art of asking powerful and life changing questions
  4. Understand the powerful techniques of Performance Consulting
  5. Master the art of building great relationships through learning professional rapport insights
  6. Uncover your Values and shift them to shift your life
  7. Master the art of Hypnosis and why people are in trance 95% of the time
  8. Become a master communicator
  9. Overcome any objection within seconds
  10. Learn the "8 Levels of Human Consciousness"
  11. Learn how to do a Past Life Regression to uncover disabling patterns
  12. Understand how to master your own mind

"Life Beyond Limits will help you beyond measure, beyond limits" - Cindy Turner, Coach Central

Who is this course for...

  • Anyone who wishes to grow their Career
  • Parents
  • Speakers
  • Teachers, Trainers and Coaches
  • CEO's, MD's, Managers and Leaders
  • Teachers and Lecturers
  • Empowered Parents
  • Network Marketers
  • Anyone who wants to be in full control of their lives.

To Find Out More

Contact our Melbourne office on +61 3 8669 1121 or email Rebecca Spencer via: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - View NLP Training Dates

Course Objectives

This is where you truly start to understand NLP as you develop your NLP skills and become a true Master of NLP.

NLP Master Practitioner is learning how to embody the driving principles that underpin NLP so that you can develop your own NLP techniques and models. This means understanding the core of NLP which is modelling. As a result, you will be able to conduct advanced change processes with individuals and groups, engage in cognitive and behavioural modelling projects, utilise advanced linguistic protocols for influencing change.

When you attend the course your NLP knowledge will come alive through the many exercises, receiving and giving feedback, NLP coaching and group discussion. Much of the course is experiential aimed at giving you working experience of how to do NLP Master Practitioner processes.

During this comprehensive program, you will experience NLP demonstrations, exercises, and case studies to help you develop as a Master Practitioner with all the necessary skills. Unlike other trainings, you get to experience NLP at a very personal level while watching yourself evolve.

Internationally Recognised and Nationally Accredited Certification

Should you require accreditation certification, we will require a copy of your Practitioner certificate by an approved NLP Trainer to confirm eligibility.

The following certifications will be awarded to the successful candidatesnlp certificate

  • NLP Master Practitioner Certificate Level II
  • Master Ericksonian Hypnotherapist Certificate Level II
  • Master NLP Coach Certificate Level II

Why attend Life Beyond Limits Master Practitioner Training?

• You will learn to model excellence in your personal and professional life.

• You will learn the essential higher order processes that drive unconscious behaviour.

• The course is presented on multiple levels. Unconscious modelling is often the first

• If you want to develop an NLP based career, or enhance your income by doing NLP work, this course is for you. Many past attendees are enjoying the commercial benefits of taking this training.

• If you are seeking to start an NLP based business, there are optional modules during the course on sales, marketing strategies and legal issues.

• This course is more than NLP theory. Although you will be perfectly knowledgeable with the theory, more importantly it's about creating and modelling patterns of excellence.

• If you want to learn a powerful blend of traditional NLP patterns combined with exciting new models, the course synthesises the original elements of Master Practitioner with innovative new patterns.

After the Course

This training goes right to the heart of Real NLP with a focus on modelling. You will learn advanced models of change that are the catalyst for instigating significant transformation in clients. You will be able to use powerful language models for influencing and changing behaviours in all contexts, from business to education and therapy. You will be able to conduct presentations using the NLP Trainers model, and enjoy the results of communicating with groups at deep level. As a modeller you will be to replicate and teach excellence by engaging in modelling projects. As a change agent you will be able to facilitate 'personal breakthrough sessions' with people, as result they experience major shifts in their world as result of your work.

You will have joined the ever growing community of Life Beyond Limits NLP Master Practitioners who are serious about their own development and seek to perform at higher levels of personal and professional excellence. Many of the past attendees changed careers as result of taking the course. They started training and consultancy businesses, became executive coaches, or set up NLP companies. These people are enjoying the financial and personal success of an NLP based career.


  1. Values Elicitation and Change
  2. Spiral Dynamics
  3. Advanced Submodalities
  4. Quantum Linguistic Patterns
  5. Belief Lines Elicitation
  6. Cartesian Coordinates
  7. Sleight of Mouth Patterns
  8. Meta-Programs
  9. Rapport Mastery
  10. Advanced Timeline Techniques
  11. Change Personal History
  12. Advanced Hypnotherapy
  13. Advanced Strategies for Modelling
  14. Advanced Neurological Repatterning
  15. Covert Reframing
  16. Advanced Process/Content
  17. Tonal Marking and Inflection
  18. The 4 Mat System
  19. Identifying Values in Language
  20. Advanced Communication Skills
  21. Advanced NLP Coaching
  22. NLP Modelling

Bonus Content

  1. Creating an NLP Business or coaching practice
  2.  How to set yourself up in an NLP based business
  3. How to get clients without advertising or excessive costs
  4. How to take NLP to the corporate world
  5. Creating an income as an NLP coach (people who follow the model can earn a six figure income)

Your Trainer

rik schnabel - life beyond limits 2

abnlp accredited trainer

He's Australia's#1 Brain UnTrainer and his name is Rik Schnabel. He is an internationally qualified NLP

Trainer and Keynote speaker. He is an accredited NLP Trainer through the ABNLP and as such is able to provide certificate level training. He is also the author of the bestselling book 'Life Beyond Limits' and is proud to have given life changing NLP information to thousands of Australians. Rik has a strong business background as a former Marketing Manager with News Limited and founder of a multimillion-dollar advertising agency.

What did others say about this Training?

"Rik is a world-class NLP Trainer and a brilliant Mentor. I recommend Rik to anyone considering taking on NLP training. " — Michael Fury, Director at Creative Insights Group Pty Ltd

"Just do it!! if you want to know what to do with your life, find your passion or purpose, Rik will encourage these out of you. Absolutely fantastic!" - Luanne Simmons, Director of Goddess Playshops Pty Ltd

"Awesome!! A course that will touch your heart so you can find your way." - Michelle Rupuha, Queensland.

"Wow! What an empowering journey - the 'Aha!' has arrived." - Steven Kolakowski, Victoria

"The experience is not about changing, it is about tapping into your personal power. Rik touched the hearts of every person in the room and boy, did the experience open my heart. Rik, I feel blessed to have met you." - Denise Bonanni, Victoria

Bonus Benefits of Training with Life Beyond Limits

nlp prestudy cds coverNever Pay For Coaching Ever Again! One of the biggest benefits of our NLP Training is Life Beyond Limits Coaching Groups. This means that you will go into a coaching program after the course with other course participants to master the art of coaching and to also get free of any issues or baggage you have. And I mean all of them. You will be searching for issues to be coached on by the end of this program as you will be so free and empowered! While this is an 80 session program, you are encouraged to continue working with your group to provide each other with continued support - This is so powerful!

Revise Your Training, Anytime, Anywhere! - The other benefit is the pre-training CDs which include the course content, plus business structures and systems to build a million dollar coaching practice. This information alone is worth thousands of dollars!

Networking opportunity –The course is an incredible networking opportunity with leaders/movers and shakers from many different industries and sectors all contributing to your growth – and you will make friends you keep for a lifetime.

Powerful and Informative Speakers! Another real benefit of attending with us is we focus on having you win in your business or career giving you the real business skills of what it takes to win as a coach or NLP professional or practitioner. We do this both in the course and in the optional evening guest expert speakers on using NLP in the marketplace.

Going Well Beyond NLP! - Another benefit of training with us is that we go deeper into the human spirit than most NLP courses. We pride ourselves as going 'Beyond' NLP in our courses introducing a spiritual, metaphysical and holistic dimension for your optimum growth.

Become a Licensed Life Beyond Limits Coach or Trainer! - We also offer opportunities to become licensed NLP coaches and trainers with Life Beyond Limits which means you can take advantage of the huge numbers of potential coaching clients that attend our seminars

To Find Out More

Contact our Melbourne office on +61 3 8669 1121 or  email Rebecca Spencer via: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - View NLP Training Dates