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the science of getting rich

This is one of the foundational books on the psychological and metaphysical aspects of creating wealth and riches. We recommend that you read this book from cover to cover not for the purpose of completing it, but to understand it.

We promise you that the effects of this knowledge is profound.

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Unleash the True Power of Your Magnetic Mind Audio CD – valued at $39.95

unleash the true power of your magnetic mind cd

Discover the true power and potential of your mind as you tap into your unconscious potential. Learn how to create patterns of power. You'll soon discover how so easily we become 'meaning making machines' and how just one decision can develiver a whole new level of success into your life. Enjoy 7 insightful tracks over 49 minutes.

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Audio Tracks

  1. Magnetic Mind introduction
  2. How does your mind work?
  3. The unconscious
  4. Why we are meaning making machines
  5. Power patterns
  6. It all starts with a decision
  7. Create success within

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the little book of big thanks version 2There are so many things to be grateful for and one thing we know is that 'Gratitude' has its own rewards. We created this 'Gratitude Journal' with some brilliant quotes including some from the ambassador of Gratititude Oprah Winfrey. Click on the link to enjoy icon The Little Book of BIG Thanks

empty piggy bankTo help keep your Piggy Bank get bigger - use our FREE Budget Planner which will help you to forcast out to 10 Years. You'll instantly see if your accumulating money or loosing it and more-so where you're lossing or gaining it. Simply click on the link to enjoy  icon Life Beyond Limits Budget Planner (254.5 kB).

1 cd - rewire for desire introduction to nlp cd set

45 NLP Insights to Give You the Winning Edge

NLP and the Mindset of Success with Rik Schnabel
Valued at $695 - Yours FREE!

Over 9 hours of powerful insights into how our brain works, how we function as people and how you can personally unlock your full potential. Enjoy taking your career, relationships, health and your wealth to new heights using the personal power of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

Discover how we get in our own way and how to remove the unconscious barriers to success. Learn from Australia's #1 Brain Untrainer and internationally recognised Master NLP Trainer how to untrain your brain of old debilitating patterns and reprogram your mind to see the world in new and empowering ways. This program is truly inspiring!

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Life Beyond Limits are Nationally Accredited Trainers

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