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NLP Trainers' Accredited Training - Level IV - VIC.

woman at whiteboardFrom day one to day seven, we'll take you from perhaps ineffective to influential by layering in 30 key ingredients into every talk and presentation you give so that your results speak for themselves.

This is an 7 DAY Accredited Training.

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Create a Six Figure Plus Income

If at some level you know you dramatically change the course of yours or your company's future or you have a big message to share with the world, or perhaps you would hugely benefit by learning the skills of the great presenters and finding your inner confidence, then this is the course that will steer you and your future into a powerful direction.

In just 7 days, we'll help you to take your message from paper to power as you become a leader of influence. You'll learn how to grow your 'charisma' and become congruent to your message. Of course if growing your confidence is also a major skill set that you'll enjoy - then prepare yourself to play at a whole different level

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In Life Beyond Limits Trainers Training You Will Learn...

What you will learn in 7 days, most will never learn in a lifetime of Training.

  • Know which person to choose for your demonstration
  • Learn the all important HOW to start or grow your Training business
  • Create 'Win/Win/Win' joint ventures to rapidly expand your Training business
  • Discover powerful marketing strategies to attract the right students
  • You will also have your website built in just one hour at a cost just over $100!
  • Learn how to become a charismatic Trainer - yes, it's a science
  • Learn specific skills to "Look" and "Sound" like a professional
  • Become an 'Expert' in your field, using our 'sure-fire' success system
  • Learn how to read your audience
  • Move with power and grace
  • Learn how to sell from the stage to turn your talk into a huge business
  • Discover how to turn your story into a six or seven figure income

 The Bonuses you get with this Training are unparalleled! You Get...

  • All the PowerPoint slides for NLP Practitioner, NLP Masters and Presenters
  • Three NLP Manuals in soft copy - NLP Practtioner, NLP Masters and Presenters
  • The complete set of NLP PreTraining CDs
  • All the forms you'll need to register students and run your business
  • The complete marketing system to grow your business into a six figure business within 12 months!

Who is this course for...

  • Speakers
  • Trainers
  • Sales Professionals
  • CEO's, MD's, Managers and Leaders
  • Teachers and Lecturers
  • Empowered Parents
  • Network Marketers
  • Anyone who wants to make a greater impact on this planet...

Internationally Recognized Training

This Training is nationally accredited and internationally recognized to provide the highest level of training possible.

You will receive the following Certificate at the completion of the Training.

1. NLP Presenter & Trainers Certificate Level IV

This course in conjunction with Presenters meets the final requirements of NLP Trainers Training Certification

rik schnabel - life beyond limits 2Who is your Trainer?

He's Australia's #1 Brain UnTrainer and his name is Rik Schnabel. He is an internationally qualified NLP Trainer and Key note speaker. He is an accredited NLP Trainer through the ABNLP and as such is able to provide certificate level training. He is also the author of the bestselling book 'Life Beyond Limits' and is proud to have given life changing NLP information to thousands of Australians. Rik has a strong business background as a former Marketing Manager with News Limited and founder of a multimillion dollar advertising agency. (For Accreditation listings - Click Here or visit: ABNLP NLP Trainers Register

What did others say about this Training?

"Rik is a world class NLP Trainer and a brilliant Mentor. I recommend Rik to anyone considering taking on NLP training. " — Michael Fury, Director at Creative Insights Group Pty Ltd

"Just do it!! if you want to know what to do with your life, find your passion or purpose, Rik will encourage these out of you. Absolutely fantastic!" - Luanne Simmons, Director of Goddess Playshops Pty Ltd

"Awesome!! A course that will touch your heart so you can find your way." - Michelle Rupuha, Queensland.

"Wow! What an empowering journey - the 'Aha!' has arrived." - Steven Kolakowski, Victoria

"Just do it!! if you want to know what to do with your life, find your passion or purpose, Rik will encourage these out of you. Absolutely fantastic!" - Luanne Simmons, Victoria

"The experience is not about changing, it is about tapping into your personal power. Rik touched the hearts of every person in the room and boy, did the experience open my heart. Rik, I feel blessed to have met you." - Denise Bonanni, Victoria








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