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The most transformational question everAgain and again it is proven that mental pain comes only when we resist change. I mean really think about it. The only problem that exists when a lover decides to leave us is our resistance to the change. We could simply say, “Okay,” and get on with our lives. Equally, should we find ourselves requiring more money? We might roll up our sleeves and get creative. These are the actions of acceptance. So why do we choose to resist and experience pain?

Some might say it’s due to pride or ego, though I think it’s simpler than that.

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It is now possible for anger to be alleviated from our lives and more-so it’s easier than you might think. More and more people are learning how to reduce the hold that anger has on us.

What is anger? What is the real cost? And what can we do to get to the very source of anger and remove it from our lives? So let’s start with the biochemistry and the physiological effects of anger.

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Remember peoples names easilySocial confidence is an all important edge not only business, but also in life. Yet so few people are taught the skills to master this daily game we play. One of the most important skills (in my view) is remembering people's names. After-all, a person's name are the most important words in their neurology and forgetting their name is a major social faux pas!

Historically speaking, our name is the first thing we are given and therefore lives at the top of our heirarchy. Forget it at your own peril. However remembering names is an easy skill to learn and anyone can do it. How to remember someone's name is just one of the skills we teach in our Career And Life Mastery Program and to help to help you, I'll be brief - as I'm sure you've got lots of people to meet today.

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There isn't a day that goes by without someone emailing me, calling me or texting me to ask me for advice about how to get their business off the ground. In all honesty, questions are useless unless one is prepared to adopt a mindset that asks the 'right' questions.

So what is the sort of mindset that ensures entrepreneurial success? It's actually much simpler than you might at first think.

One element of my expertise, one that I keep being asked to coach and mentor people around, is helping new business owners get their business or start-up off the ground.

For some, they've been stagnant for so long, sitting around the same turnover year after year, after year. They have no idea how to increase it and in the old rules of business - Grow Or Die (G.O.D.), they're dying. So here is a most simple key. Shift your mindset from 'taker' to 'giver.' What does that mean exactly?

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We often talk about the power of words. But did you know that just one sentence can give you a life sentence? Particularly when it comes from the ones you love – your parents.

the power of beliefsWhen I was a little guy, with big eyes and big dreams, my parents were the most wise, the most resourceful people I knew. In fact, they were the authorities of everything worldly. After all, they had been around the block a few thousand times more than me. So I trusted their judgement, I lived off their advice. I believed every word they said. Some words were not so nice, but believable.

My mother had a belief system that sometimes didn’t serve me or her. She believed that children needed to earn their gifts and presents. She also believed that if we ‘spare the rod, we spoil the child.’ So her gifts usually came sprinkled with guilt.

When she decided to buy me something (which wasn’t often), it usually came with a sentence — “I bought you this, but you really don’t deserve it…” That sentence had a profound effect on me for most of my life, up until I learned NLP and removed the associated beliefs, emotions and associated neural connections. What was the effect? Let me explain it as simply as I know how.

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bearly chillingOver the years I've had a great deal of challenge chilling - how about you?

On my 53rd birthday I had a chill breakthrough and given it is the time of year that you can rest here's a little 'how.' It's so, so simple  you'll laugh.

For my birthday I gave myself the ultimate chill a 3 hour massage, facial and manicure. Yep, I know it sounds a bit girlie, but guys, I think women have a secret that they've been keeping from us.

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You might be surprised to learn that more than 100,000 chemical reactions go on in your brain every single 3. purkinje neuronssecond! Like a radio, the brain is a transmitter, which sends out measurable electrical wave signals to your organs, endocrine and skeletal system. Surprisingly, the brain continues to send out these signals for as long as 37 hours after death! This perhaps makes sense of ‘phantom pain.’

Your brain is a mobile chemistry set. It generates more than 50 active drugs that have been identified. No doubt there are more. Some are associated with memory, others with intelligence and some are sedatives.

So how can we release our brain’s memory chemicals?

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